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A short story

7/22/2007 uplifting words from Dr. Takamishel

after entering into the mountain that was wide open inside
we walked deeper into it
i realized that the inside was much larger than i thought
my friend and teacher accompanying  me looked at me in a way that can only be described as a preexisting knowingness of this fact
we walked in silence for miles losing sense of where of the inside edges of the mountain were
i lost sense of where we were and what we were
then after hours had passed we came to a small table with no chairs there
we sat and two teacups and a teakettle appeared before us
a message had suddenly formed out of light in mid air
drink not just the tea but also your own thoughts as well
but choose wisely those thoughts you ingest for they will affect you in ways you know not
the message vanished and we were left with our thought and our choice
the choice of my teachers actions later proved to be interesting
as we continued on our way my teacher said
'today there will be no communication in the way we usually communicate
what can sometimes occur', he said 'is that information,
 no matter what its nature can clutter and cause an imbalance
but divine information is meant to be shared
in the sharing the balance occurs
without the sharing clutter builds and when clutter builds
choice becomes regulated by that which is less than conscious clear bright

6/6/2007: Excellent questions from Sanjit of Framingham.

When analyzing one's material behavior, we all know that we should concentrate on 8th house, mars, venus and moon positions and aspects. But, what are indicators of mars experience? Does it involve first house, for instance? What planet aspects are crucial? How to differ person's behavior in that tertiary experience from his usual self?

Ruminating on Black Furred Beats

4/20/2007: Thanks Tad! (we've never seen this kind of punctuation before, it's sort of a dramatic pause, right?)

Not even the wind was in the air. Frowning, he stood up from his sitting
position, to look around. He turned slowly in the opposite direction to
face his behind. Nothing again-- wait! Ardric squinted into a bush that sat -->
      -- in the open. In it glared two red eyes, at -->
            -- him. He beared his sword infront of him -->
	          -- and backed up. But no black furred beats -->
		        -- leapt at him, a tiny turtle no bigger than -->
			      -- his foot crawled slowly from thebush and -->
			            -- from a murky pond that the water bush grew -->
				          -- from. Ardric recognized the turtle at once -->
	  			               -- as a Red-Eared Slider.

April 9th:Dolphin Enlightenment: Interrelated, interwined ~

Many thanks to Dawn from Woburn!

Enlightenment you see is a code, a coding embedded deep within your cells, and the sound and sight of this word, this vibration, is a trigger to the memories you hold - that it is a time of assembly. Of getting together and building your nests, so to speak, for the coming. Ascension is a code word too, to you awaken with gihtenment you see is a code, a coding embedded deep within your cells, and the sound and sight of this word, the joy and excitement. They are interrelated, intertwined, but not synonymous. For Enlightenment is the launching pad of Ascension. Without the launching pad the Ascension could not take place. And without the Ascension - for what would you crave the launching pad? And crave is not too strong a word we feel, for the force that the ones ye term Lightworkers into their future. And yet, this future is built in the present moment. What you do and feel, and think and say in this present moment creates the future of tomorrow. Therefore we say, as many have said before us, look to the present moment, pay attention to your thoughts in the now, and direct your conscious activities toward the highest of all. Service to Humanity shall end in glory. Service to self shall be defeating and filled with pain. Therefore we say, live for the present moment. Laugh. And above all, Love - yourself, your neighbor and each other.

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The grid lines up in OUR time, and in the present, every 4 years we add a leap-day. WHY ARE THE SO-CALLED EXPERTS LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES? Like the Box Turtle, some can eat too much as to no longer fit inside their shell. The result of this "Tao of Physics"esque "dance of Shiva" type reasoning is that fundamentally everything that exists are a network of bootstrapped interactions of other interactions which in turn consist of other interactions (like the dance of virtual particles). Hence we have a "monadology" in which the monads are not entities but "processes". Being in the sense of a noun that is also a verb. World-negating spiritual development at the expense of the world.

Lester Woods, Ordained Light Minister (1973)